Elemental! is a reading intervention programme based on scientific research. It was developed by linguists, developmental psychologists and reading experts with careful consideration of the government’s guidelines for phonics and input from a team of primary school teachers. The programme supports young children in their reading journey and is tailored to support those who experience reading as challenging. This intervention programme will complement your school’s main phonics scheme.

Elemental!’s short online lessons focus on phonological awareness, grapheme knowledge, blending and segmenting, reading of tricky words, sentence reading, and the introduction of early reading comprehension skills. Each lesson is designed such that it can be readily employed as small-group or one-to-one intervention.

All lessons include colourful illustrations and a variety of exercises. Elemental!’s design aims to provide educators with a user-friendly tool for planning effective intervention sessions while simultaneously creating an engaging and motivating experience for students.

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With a clear structure based on the phonics phases and readily accessible lessons, Elemental! simplifies the process of identifying appropriate lessons for individual students struggling with their phonics.

Furthermore, the online programme automatically tracks students' progress and offers tailored suggestions for further practice.

Finally, the programme is structured such that intervention need not solely rely on a teacher's involvement; it can also yield positive results when undertaken together with a non-professional, such as a parent. This flexibility allows for focused practice to also occur in a home setting.


One of Elemental!’s noteworthy aspects is the building lesson. In this lesson, children employ the minimal pairing technique to construct words. For example, children are asked to take the word “sit” and to replace the “t” with “p”, yielding “sip”. Subsequently, they exchange the "s" for "t," resulting in "tip," and so forth. This scientifically supported technique helps children focus on all grapheme positions in a word, leading to improvements in decoding, reading comprehension and phonological awareness.

Pilot Elemental!

We need your expertise.

In preparation for our upcoming pilot, we are seeking schools interested in incorporating Elemental! as a supplementary resource for their reception students. Should your school decide to join, we will kindly request the reception educators to use the programme with students who might benefit from extra phonics practice. Following the pilot, we will ask the educators to fill out a questionnaire about topics like programme content, user-friendliness, and design.

 Are you:

  • An Early Years/Reception Teacher
  • Teaching in English
  • Dedicated to creating tailored opportunities for all your students as they learn to read

Then you can help us by registering for our pilot and completing a short questionnaire about Elemental! at the end.

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for your participation, you receive a free one-year subscription once the full programme is released.

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Due to the expertise and feedback from the pilot schools, the Elemental! programme is still in full development before the official launch takes place. If you want to stay informed about the latest updates and the best deals for Elemental!, register via the button below:

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