Effects of Alinea for university SEN/ELL students

Alinea acts as a private teacher, providing reading and writing support. Alinea can be used to reduce learning barriers for students of any age or ability, including those with special educational needs (SEN), such as dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to excel.

Scientific research shows that:

  • using Alinea leads to texts with fewer spelling errors
  • it also lead to more structured and faster writing
  • Alinea’s word predictor also increase the structure and accuracy of written products
  • SEN students experience reading with Alinea as less tiring and stressful
  • Alinea also contributes to a longer read performance
  • Alinea increases feelings of self-confidence and quality of life

User stories

Alinea acts as a private language teacher, providing native reading and writing support in foreign languages. Be it through spell checking, applying the correct grammar or writings abstracts, Alinea boosts every user’s confidence and independence.

Lena is an international University student from Germany currently studying abroad in Dubai. For her upcoming exam she wants to create a summary. She uses Alinea’s PDF highlighting text study tool which allows for summarizing text via multi-color highlights. While reading text, from an article or a book, she sometimes struggles with English words.

Luckily, Alinea translates the words from English into her native language using the dictionary or language translation button. By doing this Lena will understand reading texts better while enriching her vocabulary.








Miguel is from Spain and studying in Qatar. As part of his curriculum, he has to write a research paper in English. This is an extensive and very difficult assignment which will require a lot of writing. Unfortunately, he struggles with English words and it’s holding him back from writing what he would really like to say.

Alinea’s speech-to-text functionality is perfect for him. He can tell his story, as if he were having a conversation with someone or sharing a story, and Alinea writes it all down. When done, he uses text-to-speech functionality to double-check everything is correct.